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Indoor Flying Fun- 1/11/2011

Great turn-out at Athens, PA Lynch Bustin Gym on Tuesday 1/11/2011. 20 flyers braved the snowy evening with many traveling from the Vestal, NY area. Yes, I said 20 ! We had a clue when there were 13 at the Debriefing Session at Alliger’s House of Wings at 6pm. Maybe we can get Alliger’s to sponsor some of the gym rental costs next year.

New plane of the evening was the Horizon UMX Extra 300 foamy. 4 started flying at 7 and by 9 there were 3-1/2 still flying. Yes, I said 3-1/2 FLYING ! The 300 looks like a winner in the Indoor Arena.

Other big foamys – aka beasts but not The Beast, as well as one The Beast, other Horizon and Tower BNF types of planes and heli’s and of course foamy copy’s using hardware from retired BNF stuff filled the indoor sky. Sometimes 7 at a time and the gym isn’t that big.

Shay, DLuchaco, SLuchaco,Spencer, Vandermeulen, Zaleski, Champion, Mahonski, Minier from Valley R/C, Hoffman & Tyler from Da MOB, Daren Scherer from Jin’s R/C & GJ’s, as in the Owner, Quinn, Terrinore, Shugard,FGioffredo, DGioffredo from AGS and Hendrick, Carr, Struck from Indoor Flyers INC were there. Did I mention a total of 20 flyers ? Was your name listed ? ALWAYS ROOM FOR MORE !

Matt Struck got the only ovation of the evening for flying Daren S’s new but slightly abused UMX Extra 150 after it had a midair with a much larger bipe. (bipe owner paid me off to forget his name)(again)(it WASN’T Larry C)(this time)

Since some had left by the flight it is included in the pics. Matt flew it well proving knife-edge is not just a maneuver, it’s a flight mode when one wing half is MIA. Check out the pics of the evenings fun.

We can only imagine what will happen next to top 1/11/2011 Indoor Flying with Valley R/C. Be there on January 25 to find out

Dan L

Great Weather for New Years Day Flying

Weather couldn’t have been better for some New Years day fun at Rob’s house!

Those in attendance were:

Rob  , Dan, Steve, Alicia, John Kunte, Carl Shay, Eric Phillips, Jim Champion, Vinny Quattaro from Vestal.

Eric had a bad day with a new black Turnbuckle and a new fuse on his purple canopyless Citabria. Day’s total = 4 points. Vinny had a trainer plane older then dirt and it met the trees across from the runway – note one pic with branch in fuse. Only thing older than the plane were the sneakers Vinny wore. 3 points. Jim used up an electric plane that he didn’t like much. 3 points.

John’s DeBolt Jenny – first plane he owned in 1966 but this one isn’t much of the original  , Steve’s Turnbuckle, Dan’s Magic, Carl’s Mini Telemaster, Rob’s Menace and Jim’s other E Planes all survived the fun.

Some side notes about Valley R/C Nut Club Flyers:John K is the Valley R/C Nut Club King for consecutive months flown.John will be 80 this year. John joined the club in July 1966. He started flying at least once a month all year back around 1973.  That would be 38 years or 456 consecutive months plus yesterday = 457 months and counting. Less than 4 years to 500  months.Dan started every month in 1975. 36 years completed plus yesterday = 433 months. 5+ years to 500.Steve has not missed since 1982 – 29 years = 348 months. 4+ years to 400.

Check out the Pics: