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Valley RC Members Travel to Site of Sept. NEAT E-Fair on 6/12/2011

Paul B, Carl S & Dan L. traveled to the site of the Sept NEAT E-Fair today. They attended the Dirty Fair. Paul flew his E Heli & Dan L. flew his Mini-Tuirnbuckle.

The weather was cloudy, wet, dry and cloudy – not in that order. Winds were calm for the most part. About 20 flyers plus many friends and family campers had been there since Friday.
CT flyers we knew were Kevin S, Vinnie K and Dave Miles. Kingston attendees were Rolly S & Paul. Over 25 flyers from NY, CT & ON were there on Saturday.
This picture represents some of what will not be going home in the same condition it arrived. Luckily none of this belongs (or belonged) to Dan or Paul B.
Next event on the schedule is the Fathers Day Fun Fly in Kingston, ON 6/18-19 !