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2012 Mowing Schedule


We have a new Husqvarna Mower in place of the J.Deere. Use Deck setting # 1 for Runway and smooth areas. Be careful moving in/out shed ac/close clearance.
Use older Snapper Mower for rough and outer areas. Call Steve Luchaco  607-857-3244 for questions about operating the mowers.
Please check oil before starting mowers and add if needed. (in shed on shelf)
Provide own gas for mowers except gas/oil mix for weed trimmer (in shed in gallon metal can).
Check tire air (pump in shed).
Report any machine problems to Steve – spare belts in shed for Snapper Mower. 
Mowing notesMow main runway and smooth areas with mowers at low settings. In perimeter and rough areas raise blade as needed & beware of stumps & rocks. 
Use trimmer to keep area neat. Do not mow grass at the road (south) end of the runway low. This is left high as a buffer between the runway and the fence/road. 
Same for the race car track end (north) of the runway, leave a buffer of high grass.  
Preferred Mowing Day is Thursday thru Saturday morning to have the field ready for the week-end. We will need to mow weekly from May thru July, then bi-weekly thru September.
SAFETY FIRST when using all equipment !  Be careful moving the mowers into and out from the sheds !
 date Mowers
May 17 Dan & Lou Ann L
24 Steve L & Eric P
31 Paul B & Jim S
June 7 Walter L & Don Z
14 Vinnie Q & Rob V
21 Bruno & Pam M
28 Howard M & Ron H
July 5 Dan & Lou Ann L
12 Steve L & Eric P
19 Paul B & Jim S
August 2 Walter L & Don Z
16 Vinnie Q & Rob V
30 Bruno & Pam M
September 13 Howard M & Ron H
Consider the flying field as made up of 3 sections, 1 Main Section and 2 Secondary Sections.
1 – The Main Section is the runway and pits from the safety fence East out 150’ towards the woods.
2 – The Secondary Sections are West behind the safety fence around the pavilion and back to the woods and East out across the runway to the woods.
It will save time, fuel, and mower wear if we mow the main section and only one of the two secondary sections every time the field is mowed. 
 The goal is to only mow what is needed and not let any of the grass get too high.
If unable to take your turn please find a replacement team            THANK YOU !
 Download the Mower Schedule  Mowing Roster 2012

Local News…….Valley R/C Car Group Is Now Active !

Happy Mothers Day !   There is an Indoor R/C Car Group running events in the old Millard Dairy Bar building just south of the Rt 220 turn to Round Top. The Motts Restaurant was located in the same spot but has recently closed. The Track is  located off Rt 220 south of Sunoco Gas Station.

Sunday Race Days
10am to Noon – Open Practice
Noon to ? – Race
Last Sunday of each Month – Points Race
8-10am – Open Practice
10-noon – Controlled Practice
Noon to ? – Race
Practice Sessions – Tuesday & Thursday – 6 to 10 pm      $ 10 Door Fee
Contacts: Derek   or   Bruce –
Their web site :