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VRCMC Indoor Flying Season is Upon Us

September is here so Indoor Fun is around the corner. Here are the dates and plans. Please pass along and let me know of any emails to add or change. 
    Please print and post this notice in your local Hobby Shop and Club Newsletter Events.    THANKS !!
    Until the weather goes south VRCMC is flying at Round Top Field on Wednesday evenings and week-ends with Sunday at 3 a regular routine. Guests are always welcome.

Valley R/C Indoor Flying – Tuesday –  Oct. 9 2012 at Athens Lynch Bustin Elementary School
       Valley R/C Model Club Inc – Sayre, PA has reserved and insured the Athens Lynch Bustin Elementary School Gym  on the 2nd and 4th      
 Tuesday from October 2012 thru March 2013.
                          Flying time is 7pm to 9pm. The school is located off from Pennsylvania Ave across from the Athens High School Football Stadium.
AMA is required and all common sense safety rules apply. Make sure no LiPo charging is done on the wooden floor or other flammable objects.
110V is available for chargers and glue guns. Cost is $5 per session or $15 for the season. Just like your local hobby shop – payments of $5 each are accepted.
Planes, Heli’s and Rubber powered Free Flight planes are always welcome. We can ‘take turns’ with different venues if needed. The main goal is Fun and Flying – in that order.
Please pass the word to those not copied in this note. Let me know of any emails addresses to add or change. THANKS
Alliger’s House of Wings on Spring Street in Sayre will be the Fueling Station and Debriefing Session before the flying missions – at 6pm.
Reminders will be sent a few days before each session.
Here are the Dates:
2012 – October 9 & 23 – Nov. 13 , Dec. 11.          
2013 – January 8 & 22 – Feb. 12 & 26 – March 12 & Saturday the 23th.

School is closed on Tuesday – Nov 27 & Dec 25 so only one session those months
School is also closed for Easter on March 30 so last day of flying is the Saturday before –  March 23.







> If school is cancelled or released early on a scheduled day then there will be no evening flying.
Will try to send an email before 5pm. WATS 960 AM-WAVR 102.1 FM announces school cancellations.