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Valley R/C 2013 Dues and Banquet Form

Valley R/C 2013 Dues and Banquet Form
Name(s) ___________________________________________________________________________________________


Member type – Full (AMA required) _________ $20 AMA Number ______________
– Social (non-flying) _________ $10 (no AMA req’d)
– Junior (school student) _______ $ 1 AMA Number ______________
I qualify for the Nut Trophy for flying at least once a month (indoor or out) in 2012 _______
************************************************************************************************ *****

VALLEY R/C CLUB BANQUET – Saturday – Feb. 16, 2013
Original Italian Grill 716 N. Lehigh Ave Sayre, PA
Number attending _________ Name(s) ___________________________________
RESERVATIONS ARE NEEDED by Feb.11 for banquet and to provide the
ladies gifts. Please call or email Steve – or call 607-857-3244
Members and guests will meet at the Bar at 6:30 for drinks.
Dinner orders will be taken in the Banquet Room at 7:00 pm.
MENU: Order from the menu & pay your server.
Choices from Subs & Pizza to Full Course Dinners.
Club Awards program, entertainment and socializing before and after the dinner.
Members are encouraged to bring a story/award to remind someone of something that
happened in 2012. The more the merrier.
The coveted full scale Prop Crash Award and Plaque and the
Electric Flyers Trophy will be presented to the deserving members.
Nut Club Trophys for flying every month in 2012 will be presented.
Please mail (or deliver) this form with Dues to Secretary Dan Luchaco at 605 Stevenson St.
Sayre, PA 18840. Make checks out to Valley R/C Club.

Download or Print the form here……Valley RC Dues Form an Banquet Reservations

Happy New Year 2013

 The Mayans were wrong and only congress fell off the cliff so we are all still here. It was a win/win !
    Lots of flying fun at the early December session. More deals for early Santa deliveries too. Mike & Mark McGuire demonstrated Cub Combat. Expect January will be more of the same. Two sessions this month, next month and in March.
    NEWS FLASH: Another Winemiller indoor dome session is set in Wilkes Barre for Sunday – January 13. The dome is slightly bigger than the gym we use. Travel plans can be discussed on Tuesday. See attached.
Valley R/C Indoor Flying – Tuesday – January 8 at Athens Lynch Bustin Elementary School
6pm at Alliger’s House of Wings and 7 – 9pm at the school
                                            Valley R/C Model Club Inc – Sayre, PA has reserved and insured the Athens Lynch Bustin Elementary School Gym
                                      on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday from October 2012 thru March 2013.
                          Flying time is 7pm to 9pm. The school is located off from Pennsylvania Ave across from the Athens High School Football Stadium.
AMA is required and all common sense safety rules apply. Make sure no LiPo charging is done on the wooden floor or other flammable objects. Battery Bags suggested.
110V is available for chargers and glue guns. Cost is $5 per session or $15 for the season. Just like your local hobby shop – payments of $5 each are accepted.
Planes, Heli’s and Rubber powered Free Flight planes are always welcome. We can ‘take turns’ with different venues if needed. The main goal is Fun and Flying – in that order.
Please pass the word to those not copied in this note. Let me know of any emails addresses to add, change or delete. THANKS

Alliger’s House of Wings on Spring Street in Sayre will be the Fueling Station and Briefing Session before the flying missions – at 6pm.

Reminders will be sent a few days before each session.
Here are the Dates:
2012 – October 9 & 23 – Nov. 13, Dec. 11.          2013 – January 8 & 22 – Feb. 12 & 26 – March 12 & Saturday the 23rd.
(due to school closings only one session in November and December)

Alliger’s House of Wings – Exit 61 at Rt 17/86 – 201 Spring St Sayre, PA 18840 – across from Williams Kia Car Dealership
Athens Lynch Bustin Elementary School – Athens Exit off Rt 220 – 253 Pennsylvania Ave Athens, PA 18810 – enter Gym at SW corner of school on parking lot side.





> If school is cancelled or released early on a scheduled day then there will be no evening flying.
Will try to send an email before 5pm. WATS 960 AM-WAVR 102.1 FM announces school cancellations.

New Year’s Day Flying

    The traditional Valley R/C Club New Years Day Flying event chalked up another year at the Valley Soccer Fields on Wilawana Road. Members Prez Paul Buckthal, Bruno Mahonski, Vinnie Quartararo, Jim Spencer, Steve & Dan Luchaco put up a flight or two with planes and helis. Most were electric powered but Vinnie kept his nitro Nut Club streak going by flying his yellow Bingo. At 32F temps and 10+ wind speed Vinnie worked the hardest (and walked the furthest).
    Today marks the start of Year 39, Month 457 for Dan’s consecutive months flown since the VRCMC Nut Club started keeping count in January 1975.
    Life Member John Kunte was not at the soccer fields today but I expect he got his flight in at his home runway. John has flown every month since 1967. That would give John 47 years = 553 months. WOW !!
    Member Don Zaleski was not at the soccer fields today either. He got his flights in at the Wilkes Barre PA Sports Dome and reported the weather as calm, dry and a bit warmer.
    Next VRCMC club event is the January Meeting on Wednesday 1/2/13 at Snyder Elementary School @  7pm.
    Next VRCMC club flying event is Tuesday – 1/8/13 at Lynch Bustin School @ 7pm. Meet at Alligers House of Wings at 6 for the Pilot’s Briefing.


2013 WRAM Show will celebrate its second year at the
Meadowlands Exposition Center
Secaucus, New Jersey
February 22, 23 and 24, 2013


For more info: