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WRAMS Show – Friday – Feb 22. Some big stuff !

    Valley R/C’s Prez Paul B made the trip to The Meadowlands WRAMS Trade Show on Friday with Dan & Vinny as co-pilots. Samantha the GPS helped us only miss one turn. NJ road signage stinks. Vinny knew of a great place at RT 81 Lennoxville Exit for breakfast and dinner. (Bingham’s Family Restaurant). Other travellers from the area visited WRAMS and then went to a NJ Hooters for dinner. I think they went there for dinner.
      The show had more vendors than last year. There were more than a few hobby stores represented and PA’s Time Flys Hobbies did a very brisk business. I think everyone stopped there and bought something on their way out. Jeff may have an empty truck when he packs up on Sunday. A lot of manufacturers were in attendance too. Horizon, Futaba, Hobbico, Castle Creations, Great Planes as well as magazine publishers Air Age and Maplegate. Of course AMA was there.
    The Static Display had a lot of variety and a few large models. I tried to put a person in the pics to show how large. I’m sure you’ll see more and better pics of what was at the show in upcoming magazines and online reports. The Triplane was 1/2 size. I think the Cub was 1/3. The Chevy was just big. The chevy looks small next to the Heli’s. Note the helis have no flybars, just like the real thing. The Foamy shows how it can be made smaller to transport. 
 Next show event is the Lebanon Flea Market on March 9 and then the Toledo WEAK Signal’s Trade Show on April 6.
 Check with Vinny Q or Alan H for where to stop for dinner.
Dan L

VRCMC Annual Banquet- Feb.16,2013


VRCMC held their annual banquet at Original Italian Grill on Saturday evening. Member Ron Huggler took lots of pictures so they can tell most of the story. Thanks Ron !
We had 20 in attendance including club members, their guests and two guests from AMA District 2 – VP Eric Williams and AVP Reid Conden.
President Paul Buckthal welcomed everyone and gave all of the ladies a scented candle gift.Then Steve Luchaco gave out the prestigious Nut Club Awards to those that flew every month in 2012. The Nut Club was started in 1975 and two members, John Kunte and Dan Luchaco, have not missed a month of flying since with 456 consecutive months. (38 years) The awards were hand made by Rob Vandermeulen with help from his laser cutter. Thanks Paul, Steve & Rob. Steve gave Nut Club Awards to Paul B, Jim C, John K, Walter L, Dan L, Steve L, Jim S, Vinnie Q, Rob V and to our AMA guests Eric and Reid. It was Eric’s lucky night because he also won the men’s door prize of an aviation theme calendar.
Next on the agenda was the awarding of the Crash Award Bent Prop & AMA S.A.D. Plaque and the E-Crash Trophy for second place in crash points for 2012. Jim Champion earned last year’s Crash Prop so he got to pass it on this year. Second place E-Crash Trophy went to Dan Luchaco. The Bent Prop and S.A.D. Plaque went to Walter Lints who gets to keep the former Cessna 172 prop polished until the next banquet. Thanks Jim and Congratulations Walter.
Eric Williams had the surprise of the evening when he presented Valley R/C Model Club with an AMA Award of Excellence for hosting 40 Annual Sanctioned Competition Fun Fly events since 1970. He also presented all members with a large AMA Award of Excellence patch and gave Dan a large award flag to add to our pole at the field pavilion.
What a great way to end a fun evening with Valley R/C Model Club in Sayre, PA.
Dan L – Secretary VRCMC