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Our club has received 4 Tickets to a New York Yankees vs Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Game in the Bronx on Thursday– August 22.
Game time is 1:05pm.  The tickets are located in the Delta Sky 360 Section 218A/5/7 Seats # 1 to 4. See link below and attachments for exact location.
We will accept the highest Donation amount offered by Wednesday – August 14 – two weeks from today.
One Parking Pass is included with the tickets. Only parking and seating is included. Food and beverage are extra cost.
These tickets would be a great trip for you and your family or as a gift for a friend or family member. If you are not interested maybe a co-worker will make an offer. After August 14 someone will have these tickets !
Please make your offer and you may include a higher amount as a second chance offer. Bid amounts will not be shared.
A special Promotion Day is included – see details here.
Call or email Club Secretary Dan with questions.    ph 570-888-1856
Seating Location Info – note red area on the stadium view. (between Home &  3rd Base in second level)