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IMAA Fly – In at Chenango Bridge NY

I spent most of the day at the Chenango Bridge IMAA Fly In. CD was VRCMC member Rob Vandermeulen.
45 flyers signed up between Fri & today. I was # 44. I flew the big Gee Bee R-6 twice – making no points for the crash award. Ha !! It flew great.
Along with an E powered Superman Demo there was a Jet Turbine demo – over 125 mph passes. Wow ! Superman music played over the PA system while the man of steel flew. Neat ! A very large Pitts flew aerobatic maneuvers with smoke on. A husband/wife team did 3D demos with their Extra planes and a beauty of a Cessna 140 added to the flying fun during the day.
If you like Triplanes this was the place to be. 1/4 Scale, 1/3 scale and 1/2 Scale Sizes. YES – 1/2 SIZE !  Check it out. It is bigger than it looks in the pictures.
Rob and another CD type certified the plane on Friday so it could be flown during the week-end. It was a bit over the AMA standard 55 pound size. It flew like a trainer. A loud Trainer.
At 1pm they had a Flyers Raffle for a 26% Extra 540 ARF. 74” wingspan designed for a 30cc gasoline engine. Winning ticket was # 013266. Mine !
It was a challenge but I was able to fit it in the car for the ride home.
Hey ! Someone had to win it. It might as well have been me. What the heck – you only live twice. Of course the $10 entry cost will be increased when servos, receiver & engine are added to the plane.
What did you do this week-end flying wise ? Or Raffle Winning wise ?
See you at the field Wed evening, Dan