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Reminder- Club Banquet this coming Saturday at Tomasso’s- 6:30pm

REMINDER: Our club will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary at a banquet on SaturdayFebruary 28 at 6:30 pm.
See attached info and menu choices. You will order from the menu and pay your server.
Tomasso’s specialty is Stuffed Pork Chops and Saturday Special is Prime Rib.
We have 24 people planning to attend. We’ll have seating for 30 so join us even if it is a last minute decision. The more the merrier.
If you have any special awards you want to present to a deserving member please bring it to the banquet and present it.
It does not have to be a serious award.
                We will meet at the bar at 6:30 and dinner orders will be taken at 7pm. We will have a private room for our banquet.

VRCMC Snow Fly Feb.14th 2015

With a forecast of 20F+ temps and wind less than 10mph the 2015 Valley R/C Snow Fly had no weather problems.

It snowed before, during and after which is normal for February in north PA. The Valley Soccer Fields served as the airport for the fun.

No crash points were made with the planes but the 4-wheeler Steve used to clear the lane and the parking area had a minor problem with the blade finding a RR tie along the lane.

 Steve said he felt it but didn’t think it would leave a mark. THANKS for the plowing job Steve !

 Paul, Jim S and Dan put up a few flights and got home with plenty of time to take their Valentine’s out on the town.


    Next VRCMC Event is the 50th Annual Club Banquet on Feb. 28. See you there !


Dan L


VRC Snow Fly changed to this Saturday at 1pm at Soccer Fields


   Due to the Sunday weather prediction for single digit temps and double digit winds the Annual Snow Fly
has been moved up from Sunday to this SaturdayFeb 14 – at 1pm.
We’ll be done by 3pm so you’ll have lots-o-time to treat your Valentine to an evening out.
    We’ll be flying at the Valley Soccer Fields located on Wilawana Road in Sayre.
Take Rt 220 to Sayre exit, turn west across the river and bear right on Wilawana Road.
The Soccer Fields are located about 1 mile north on the left side.
If you get to the 90 degree left hand turn you have gone 1/4 mile past the fields.
    We will use Steve’s 4-wheeler and plow to clear the lane into the parking lot on the road edge of the field and will fly with our backs to the road and houses.
    You can park along Wilawana Road on the west edge and walk in if you don’t want to drive into the rougher snow.
     Bring your own hot beverage or food and dress accordingly for the current weather. This is north Pennsylvania, not some mamby pamby picnic. **   LOL