Monthly Archives: March 2015

Tree Cutting at RTP- Next Sunday at 1pm – March 29

   VRCMC Members plan to cut trees at Round Top Park for the Pond Area Expansion Project on SUNDAY – MARCH 29 at 1pm.
We will need people with chain saws and people to help move the limbs and such as they are cut.
We will not be moving any logs so we will not need any 4-wheelers.
Please bring any safety equipment you have and we will have some hard hats available.
It looks like a lot of small (6” to 12” diameter) trees to cut as well as a few bigger ones.
Park employees and loaners from Brad Cty Prison have been clearing brush around the trees.
We expect to have a few of these cutting sessions in April.
We will do the field rolling and clean-up closer to May when the ground is dryer.
We do not have to cut the trees flush with the ground. We are to leave 2’ stumps so the dozers have something to push.
We are to keep a list of names and hours spent working for the township for their grant money records.
I will send a reminder later in the week and will prob see some of you at our last Indoor Flying Session on SaturdayMarch 28 from 1-4 at Lynch School.
The gate will be locked so we will meet there at 12:30 to let everyone in.
We will hide a key under a rock at the left gate post for late arrivals.