Celebration & Flying Sunday – August 7 at VRCMC RTP Field – 3pm

   Valley R/C Members John Kunte and Dan Luchaco plan to be at RTP Field on Sunday at 3pm to get their August Flight in.

All are invited to help them celebrate because this will be the 500th Month in a row that John & Dan have flown since January 1975.

If you do the math that is 41 years and 8 months of flying at least one time a month. The vast majority of flights were outdoors and powered by nitro engine equipped planes.

Dan estimates he has used less than 499 different planes to get these flights in but he is not sure of the exact number.


HISTORY:   In January 1975 Valley R/C President Bob Dean proposed a challenge to the club members to fly at least once a month each month in 1975. Members who completed the challenge would then be a Member of the Valley R/C Nut Club and they would receive recognition of this feat at the annual club banquet in February.


INFO: Nut Club Members receive a trophy made out of some type of nut. A walnut, peanut, hex nut or perhaps the more aerodynamic wing nut were used in the early awards. 41+ years of the awards has resulted in quite a variety of styles and themes. On the average over the years 4 to 12 club members qualify for the nut awards.


COMMENTS: Electric powered planes have made the challenge a bit easier the past few years. Indoor Flying sites also take away some of the challenge but John and Dan are quite sure they have flown outdoors at least once each month over the years. Vinnie Q always said all flights should be outdoors and with a nitro engine but he changed his tune after he bought an electric powered Champ. John has a place to fly next to his house so he has probably flown more than once in some of the colder months too. Club Members designated the first Sunday of the winter months as their target date because if you wait until the last day of the month sometimes the weather is not your friend. One of Dan’s memorable flights was when he was driving home from MI and realized it was the last day of the month and he would not be home before dark and he had not flown that month. That flight was made with his nitro powered Raptor heli with the aid of his outdoor patio lights and the flight was not too high or far away. Thankfully the neighbors saw no reason to question the .50 OS tuned pipe engine running at 10pm on a dark Monday night. At least none came outside to say anything. Another session he remembers was a Sunday afternoon flight at the Nichols NY Field in a January when the thermometer on Bud Booser’s flight box fuel can showed –13F. On the plus side the sun was out, the wind was calm and the snow was only a foot deep. Electric starters help and so does warming the engine cylinder up under the tailpipe of the car when the temps are below freezing.


THE RECORD: We are aware of a former member of the Binghamton NY Modelers of Binghamton Club who started his monthly flight streak in January 1965 but he passed away more than 10 years ago. That member was Myron Carey from Endwell NY. We do not know if John and Dan’s 500 Months is a Guiness World Record but we figure 500 months of anything is worth mentioning and celebrating. John is age 84 and Dan is 66 and both plan to keep counting the months as long as they can. John plans to fly a DeBolt Jenny that has a newer wing but most of it is 1966 vintage and Dan is gonna fly an Ace Foam Wing WW1 Biplane that his Dad George built and flew in 1969. George passed away in 1970. They will use modern radios in the planes.


CELEBRATE: See you on Sunday to help us fly and celebrate. Bring your own picnic and make it an afternoon of Fun Fun Fun !