Valley RC Fun Fly

     The VRCMC Fun Fly this past weekend was a blast ! We had 29 Entrants with each class well represented. Experts-13, Sportsman-11, Junior-5. WOW ! It was great seeing first-time contest flyers learning why a Fun Fly Contest is mostly fun with minimal contest jitters.

    Does anyone have a decent picture of the full-scale Beechcraft Fly By on Saturday ? If you do please email the file to me. Thanks !

    Spectators were there all weekend too so we may see some membership increase in the future. One person joined on Sunday – Mike Peterson from Dushore PA area.

    We expect more visitors at our Wednesday evening at 6pm and Sunday Afternoon at 3pm flying sessions at RTP Field. If you have Buddy Box capabilities and trainer planes please bring them to these sessions. Hope to see you there this evening.

    I would like to Thank Paul Buckthal and Jeff Roark for their efforts this past weekend giving stick time and simulator time to the public !

    There will be a more detailed Fun Fly Report later in the week.

                   THANKS TO ALL FOR SUPPORTING OUR 44th FUN FLY AND CONTEST !            FUN  FUN  FUN !!!

Dan L- CD