History of VRCMC

VALLEY R/C MODEL CLUB – 1965 to Present
January 15, 1965 – Sixteen Charter Members met at Gene Bird’s house to form the club. Officers elected were President Marty Kandelin from Athens PA, VP/Field Mgr George Luchaco from Sayre PA and Secretary/Treasurer Bob Dean from Waverly NY.
The first Club Flying Site was at the west end of the Blue Swan Airport in Sayre. Club dues were $10 per year plus a $1 Initiation fee.
Charter Member’s were Glen Ames, Gene Bird, Paul Bird, Robert Bird, Bill Cowles, Bill Cowles Jr, Bob Dean, Glenn Dimmick, Duane Gable, Sal Garfield, Marty Kandelin, Dick Loomis, George Luchaco, Harry Lutz, John Neiley and John Clapp.
Major projects in 1965 were to level the flying field, erect a safety fence and obtain an outhouse. We also had to obtain liability insurance which cost $16.66 a year. The 5 cent fine penalty rule for missing the mowed runway when landing was created. At the end of the year the club had grown to 19 members including current Life Member Carl Shay.
1966 – Due to increased full scale plane activity at the Blue Swan members built our second flying field on Myron Rosh property along the Wilawana Road. The Blue Outhouse was moved to the new site. Club emblems were created and sold and parachute nylon was purchased and sold to members to use for covering their planes. It was stronger and cheaper than silk. The 5 cent penalty rule was modified as follows: “Subject to fine if ship fails to land on flying field due to error in judgment by the pilot while attempting to land. Ship need not remain on strip, only make first contact with ground. Rudder only ships are not subject to this rule”. (either an IBM’er or a lawyer must have made this rule)
Activities included a Club Family Picnic Fun Day and the Beverage Fund was created to keep the pilot’s thirst quenched. Carl Shay was chief cook at the picnic. New members this year included current Life Member John Kunte and Dr. Bill Sewell. Bill was a heart surgeon working at Guthrie Clinic. Bill also started a hobby shop at his house.
1967 – Property was rented from Mr. Herrick and runway number three was built on what is now the Stover Acres Property along Wilawana Road in Sayre. The cost to rent the property was $50 a year. The club Blue Room was moved again. It seemed when we weren’t building planes we were building runways and moving outhouses.
The club became incorporated and the constitution and by-laws were created. Carl Shay obtained 3 large heavy yellow pine picnic table tops from the Lehigh Valley RR carpentry shop. At the end of the year the club had grown to 25 members.
1968 – Activities this year included participating in contests with club’s from Elmira, Endicott and Ithaca areas. Dan L became an official club member this year.
1970 – Charter Member George Luchaco passed away in April. Members voted to name the current and any future club flying site Luchaco Field in his memory.
1972 – The Herrick Property was sold and the club rented property in Nichols NY along Riverside Drive for flying site number four. Rent cost was $100 per year. The new field had a chain link safety fence, a new outhouse and a large picnic pavilion complete with a gas grill and fridge.
1975 – Members started the Valley R/C Nut Club. To be a member you had to fly at least once a month all year long. Two members, John Kunte & Dan Luchaco, have not missed a month from 1975 thru 2014. 480 months and counting.
1984 – The Nichols Property was converted back to farmland and the club had to find a new flying site. Their fifth (and current) flying site was created in Round Top Park south of Athens PA. Charter Member John Clapp was the chairman of the park committee for Athens Township and he helped the club obtain permission to develop the new flying site. These items were moved from the Nichols site: chain link fence, outhouse, picnic tables and gas cooking grill.
2006 – Carl Shay helped Valley R/C start Indoor Flying at the Athens Lynch Bustin School Gym during October thru March. Flyers from area clubs join in on the fun with many starting the evening with Wings at Alliger’s in Sayre.
2007 – After flying at Round Top for 24 years Members moved the field flight line fence, pavilion and sheds to the west side of the property so the sun would not be in our face during evening flying. Activities this year included many members learning how to fly helicopters.
2009 – Howard Mahady created the club web site on line at WWW.VALLEYRCPA.COM.
1972 – Present – Valley R/C has hosted a Fun Fly Contest each year including hosting the 2003 Fun Fly Nationals.
It looks like many more years of flying fun in the future for Valley R/C Model Club Inc.